Space Cleansing New Year Ritual

"🌟 Space Cleansing with the Author's Feng Shui Ritual and Program Candles on the Eve of the New Year

Dates: 09.12.2023 & 21.12.2023 📅

Author: Irine Aghapishvili, Specialist in Chinese Metaphysics

🌟🏮As the new year approaches, many of us strive to turn a new leaf in our lives, bring freshness and purification to our space, create harmony and positive energy in our homes. One powerful tool to achieve this goal is Feng Shui, the ancient art of organizing space to attract prosperity and balance the energy of Qi. To achieve this, the author suggests a cleansing ritual, Irine Aghapishvili, an expert in Chinese metaphysics.

Step 1: Prepare Your Space 🧹

Before starting the ritual, ensure that your home is clean and tidy. Remove clutter, mop the floors, and arrange objects so that energy can circulate freely. Open windows to freshen the air and allow old energy to leave. This will create the foundation for effective cleansing.

Step 2: Place Special Program Candles 🕯️

Irine Aghapishvili recommends using our special program candles, which you can also find on this site in store directory, to activate Qi energy in your home. These candles, created using a unique technique, contribute to the influx of positive energy and enhance your intention to create a favorable space.

To achieve maximum effect, it's important to use four candles and place them at the four corners of your apartment or house. Additionally, you will need one candle that you will hold in your hand.


  1. Start circling the space clockwise, starting from the front door. Holding the candle in your hand, create a ring of light covering the entire perimeter of the space. Go through each corner, paying special attention to places where the energy seems slow or stagnant; you'll understand this by the state of the flame and the burning of the candle itself.
  2. After you've circled the entire apartment, return to the front door and place the candle in front of it. Let the candles burn completely, allowing the old energy to leave your home.
  3. After you've circled clockwise with the candle, go around with a small bell and singing bowl, ringing all the corners. During the ritual, play mantras.
  4. The third and final cleansing circle, finish with incense or essential oils that can be applied to fabric or sprayed on surfaces.
  5. Complete the ritual with ventilation.
  6. Advanced step: sprinkle salt on paper and leave it in the four corners of the outer perimeter for a day. Then discard this salt.

Step 3: Use Natural Herbs and Incense 🌿

Add elements from nature to your ritual—natural herbs and incense. Light incense such as frankincense, sandalwood, or lavender to fill the space with a pleasant aroma and cleanse it from negative energies.

Step 4: Direct Your Intention 🌟

Before starting the ritual, sit in silence and focus on your intentions. Imagine how positive energy fills every corner of your home, and how your space is filled with light and harmony.

Step 5: Go Through the Entire House 🏡

Move slowly through your entire home, room by room, holding program candles. Light incense and spread their aroma in every corner. Visualize all negative energy leaving your home, making room only for positivity and favorability.

Step 6: Conclude the Ritual with a Blessing 🙏

Complete your ritual with a blessing, expressing gratitude for the purity and harmony you've brought to your space. Feel the Qi energy filling your home, enveloping it in warmth and light.

In conclusion of the ritual, take a deep breath and focus on blessing your space. Imagine fresh, pure energy filling every corner of your home. The new year is a new stage, full of opportunities and joy.

This author's cleansing ritual, proposed by Irine Aghapishvili, allows each of us to create a favorable space for the new year. By following these steps and using special program candles, natural herbs, and incense, you can bring positive changes to your life and create energetic harmony that will accompany you throughout the year. 🌟✨

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